Our picture framing and glazing family business has been around for more than 50 years.

The works framed by us fit harmoniously into the style of your apartment, follow the current interior design fashion and are added to your home as an additional design element. During framing, we use both old and new options (preservative framing, passport application, cashiering) as well as all the known tricks of the day. We greatly appreciate the knowledge, mastery and humility of our predecessors towards the picture framing profession.


We try to meet the expectations of our masters, to pass on their knowledge, to combine what we have learned from them with new achievements. We would like our dedicated craftsmanship to be reflected in the frames made by us and to gain even more recognition for ourselves and the picture framing profession through our creative activity. Rembrandt once said that during his career it was easier to paint a picture than to find the right frame for it. To frame a picture in such a way that the picture radiates from itself why it was painted; that’s the real challenge. We consider it our mission that with our expertise you can realize your ideas and become the owner of a lasting creation with which we can make your days more beautiful together! With the help of our website, you can learn about modern picture framing techniques and picture framing materials available in Hungary. You will receive tips from us from the inexhaustible arsenal of picture framing variations. We provide you with ideas and useful suggestions so that your decision is ultimately decisive and perfect.


We trust that with the help of our professional advice, you will have all the important information you need to choose the most qualified picture framing specialist, the most suitable picture frame and the most perfect solution. In our opinion, you have already found one of the most prepared picture framing masters. We will provide you with a perfect artistic experience thanks to our professional knowledge, knowledge and excellent service, acquired and continuously developed over several decades. The task that we entrust to you is to choose the frame that best suits your picture. Our unusual offer will help you with this, and you can also count on our first-rate picture framing expertise.


The perfect implementation of the framing is our company’s duty. If you like special solutions, if you prioritize the unusual over the ordinary, if you demand attention, if you are tired of simply framed pictures and would rather have a real artistic solution thanks to professional framing, well, then our company is the one for you. your future partner. In the field of framing, our company is constantly trying to find alternatives with which it can preserve the creative activity of this beautiful and noble profession. Our task is to create a work of art that will last a lifetime, which your grandchildren will also see, naturally keeping in mind your wishes and ideas.



Thanks to the continuous development of our company, we are at your disposal with a short notice with our picture framing services.