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The picture framing made by us, in line with the new trends related to interior design, is added to your home as a design accessory, thus connecting the art of picture framing with everyday objects.

There is no object (cigar, t-shirt, coin, weapon, needlework, tapestry) or subject (poster, papyrus, skin picture, embossed paper, old map, diploma) that cannot be included in a picture frame during picture framing. Picture framing offers you the perfect opportunity to keep your memories in perfect (framed) condition for your children or grandchildren, with the help of our picture framing knowledge and picture frames.

Picture framing … and your idea comes to life with us! We provide a complete solution in all areas of picture framing!

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Our family business started operating in the field of picture framing and picture frame distribution in Kőszeg in 1973. We know all the domestic techniques of modern picture framing (pasparting, cashiering, foiling, picture frame restoration, painting restoration, conservation picture framing) and we use all the tricks of picture framing.


We claim as our own the devoted and conscientious work of the old picture framing masters, dedicated to the craft of picture framing. The basic function of picture framing is to protect the picture. First of all, only picture framing provides the perfect solution to ensure that dust, moisture, grease or other similar pollution does not damage your pictures and souvenirs. In the case of pictures and paintings, the view is particularly important. Picture framing enhances the effect of the picture if the picture frame is in harmony with the subject. Picture framing can also express that the picture frame contains something valuable that needs to be protected. Even an oil or acrylic picture stretched on a blind frame needs a picture frame. In this case, apart from the aesthetic effect, picture framing also ensures that the edge of the blind-framed painting is not damaged.

All works on paper need the protection of the frame and glass. This protection is implemented with the greatest care during the picture framing process. In our opinion, even the simplest mat makes the overall effect of picture framing more complete. The mat not only has a good optical effect on the framed picture, but also prevents direct contact of the subject with the glass during picture framing. In this way, the picture can actually “breathe” in the prepared picture framing. With the help of picture framing, we can create such a harmony between the picture and the picture frame that your old painting can even fit well into a new environment. Picture framing … means realizing yourself and creating something lasting. Our website provides help in getting to know the techniques of modern picture framing (passparting, cashiering, foiling) and the picture framing materials of the domestic market.

We provide ideas from the inexhaustible range of picture framing options. With advice and suggestions, we help you make the most optimal and comprehensive decision in the field of picture framing. We want you to have the knowledge to choose the most suitable picture framer, the best picture frame and the most harmonious picture framing. You have already found one of the most suitable photo frames. Thanks to our many years of experience and high-quality service, we offer you the creative experience of picture framing. Your task is to choose the right picture frame from all types of the domestic market, you can count on our unparalleled selection and impeccable professional advice, and the perfect execution of the picture framing will be our task. If you are a fan of unique solutions, if you are interested in unusual picture framing, if you like to be noticed, if you want not just a framed picture, but an artistic work through picture framing, then we are your partner. We consider picture framing as a creative activity, with which, searching for new possibilities in the field of picture framing and taking into account your needs, we try to use the art of picture framing to create a lasting picture framing artefact for posterity.

More about passepartout

more than a simple cardboard sheet The passport creates harmony between the picture frame and the subject.

By fitting and keeping a distance between the image and the appropriate colored frame, the passe-partout allows the eye to properly appreciate the work of art. The passport is approx. 1.4 mm thick paper cardboard cut larger than the size of the picture, mostly with a window. The passe-partout helps the picture to get more space, to be more in the center, so with the help of the passe-partout, picture framing can become one of the most beautiful decorations in your apartment. The mat not only visually has a good effect on the image, but the subject can also “breathe” with the mat. In addition to its protective function, the passe-partout gives the framed picture an extremely decorative effect. Some parts of the picture can be covered by using a pass-through, or the work can be made more interesting by cutting out a wider window. The passport; it sits between the glass and the image, providing an air gap for the subject so that the artwork does not come into contact with the glass. This special type of cardboard is available in a large selection of colors in our picture frame shop, you can choose from around 600 passe-partout samples. It is not missing from our passport collection. The fabric (textured) surface, the marbled surface, the velvet surface, the metallic (metal) coating, the wallpaper effect, the black and colored cutting edge.


Also, neither any other passport cardboard with a special surface.